Breaking News: Phase II Clinical Trial Results Show Cord Blood Can Help Children with Cerebral Palsy

ViaCord Cord Blood Banking

Viacord’s head office is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Associated with PerkinElmer, (a global company engaged in health improvement, and investigation of pharmaceutical biotechnological products, operating in 150 countries.

Its main feature is the evaluation of newborns with Health Check / NB (a blood analysis done by extracting blood from the baby’s heel for later testing in a lab) a helpful service that can help treat up to 60 different diseases in newborns.

One year after transplant, this company has survival rates of 88% as of 2012. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people can get some benefit from this regenerative therapy using stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord in the cerebrovascular system.

Therapeutic Approach – chemotherapy/radiation prior to treatment at PerkinElmer, Inc. at Children’s Hospital. For families who need a transplant for their kids.

This company offers free storage programs for a five-year term if you follow the program requirements.

The Sibling Connection Program is a unique partnership between ViaCord and Oakland Research Institute for Children (CHORI).

Viacord recommends the “The Bone Marrow Foundation One-to-One” foundation that provides the assistance you need in difficult times.


This institution doesn’t guarantee that the treatment will work 100% of the time, this depends on the doctor, and only he/she can decide when it’s going to be done. This company has launched 325 stem cells units for medical research for modern medical progress, more than any other cord storage bank.


Hours of Operation | 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Phone | 1-800-991-2483

Outside U.S. | 1-781-663-6235

Can We Help? Call | 866-668-4895

Sibling Connection Program toll-free number | 866-861-8435.

E-mail | [email protected]

[email protected]

Viacord Cost


$1,575$175 per year


$2,445 for one child $350 PER YEAR

Annual Storage

$350 per year

TOTAL Annual Price (First Year Fee Includes annual storage)


Viacord´s Services Pricing

For every parent, there is no greater joy than knowing that you have protected the health of your baby right from the day they are born. More than all the money in the world, parents just hope that their children will be healthy and happy. Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing the baby’s umbilical cord blood and especially the stem cells so they can be used for medical treatment in the future. The cells will not just benefit your child, they will also be highly beneficial to other direct family members.

Cord cells are used in the treatment of fatal diseases and more genetic ones like diabetes and heart conditions. New research has shown that the medical conditions that can be treated using the cord blood have not yet been exceeded and there is still a lot more the stem cells can do to keep your baby healthy. ViaCord is a company that specializes in cord blood banking to ensure that parents have the best shot that their children will be healthy and that they have a higher chance of surviving some conditions.

ViaCord uses advanced science to ensure delivery of the highest quality stem cells and the right storage methods so that the best results are achieved for families. The company has been doing this for two decades and have many customers satisfied with the services and the storage methods used.

The process of collection and storage is fairly easy. ViaCord sends the kit to the parents via mail with instructions and everything the health practitioner will need. After delivery, the cord is cut, and the remaining cord blood is collected using a needle. After collection, the team is notified, and the courier is sent to your location immediately. Once at the processing lab, the cells are processed using the best equipment to maximize the yield of the cells. The cells are then stored at the correct temperature and you can retrieve them any time you want.

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