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The bump is not an excuse not to look classy and trendy. This article will look at how you handle your pregnancy through various hacks which include the pregnancy for wearing jeans,  for the first trimester and pregnancy hacks for dealing with nausea. Sleeping early would be really helpful for you as it would improve your health as well as keep your beauty fresh.

The state of being pregnant or having a baby bump is the joy and pride of every woman especially if the pregnancy is planned for and long waited. However, the nine months of carrying life can be a very challenging period which requires you to sacrifice some of the things you like. This may include your favorite foods, that sexy fitting dress or attire or your daily hangout programme, though this may be true pregnancy does not need to turn you into an old-fashioned woman dressed in the normally long and loose maternity dress that is a signature of many pregnancies. You can still carry your pregnancy and rock at the same.

Pregnancy Hacks for Jeans

If you are a jeans lover and these are the clothes dominating your wardrobe then you don’t have to be depressed by the fact that you will see them collect dust for the next nine months while your body shape takes a gradual change which will hinder you from donning them comfortably. You also don’t have to start buying other pairs which will be useless after giving birth and returning to your original body shape.

You can use a piece of strong rubber band whose elasticity does not wear out easily or make use of your hair tie to act as an expanding agent for your jeans by looping it through the button space and attaching it to the button. You can also use the same hack to extend your zipper and so when your tummy is slowly protruding the waist of the jeans is also extended using the rubber band.

You can also fix elastic bands around your jeans which will make the whole waist expandable or sew two elastic bands by the hip sides of your jeans such that the jeans will expand from the sides and can easily remove the elastic band after the pregnancy without having to interfere with the whole jeans. The pregnancy jeans/ pant hack can also be modified to have an inner lining which can offer you comfort while moving around and at the same time keeping your pregnancy safe.

Pregnancy Hacks for Nausea

Feeling nauseated is what every woman should expect when carrying a pregnancy and occurs differently to different women because of the chemicals and hormones in the body that are working to also accommodate the unborn child and nausea feeling associated with morning sickness can be a very uncomfortable feeling. In order to address this condition, some women resort to eating habits for them to counter the feeling of throwing up and feeling sick all day. Some of the diets or eating habits that help to relieve the feeling and act as pregnancy hacks for nausea include:

  • Taking clean and sparkling water.
  • Chewing ginger for up to five minutes can suppress the nausea feeling.
  • Drinking Kombucha helps to sooth the stomach but if you’ve never taken it before it is good to always consult with your doctor about it.
  • Using floss and mouthwash to clean your teeth is a better option to deal with morning sickness though cinnamon could also work.
  • Eating mangoes or taking lemon juice can clear nausea because the acid found in them helps in soothing the stomach.
  • Having bagel cream cheese can give you a relaxed feeling free form nausea and can still choose the gluten free one if you have a gluten allergy.

With these simple methods carrying pregnancy should not be a nightmare for you due to nausea issues.

Pregnancy Hacks For The First Trimester

After missing your periods and realizing that you are pregnant it is important to prepare yourself for the long journey and the changes that will most likely occur on your way. Pregnancy is divided into four trimesters of three months each and in every trimester you need to know what is happening and what to do and what not to do. During the first trimester, some of these tricks can help you get through and survive without many hurdles.

  • Taking coconut water is beneficial to your body because it prevents dehydration and contains a high number of electrolytes and potassium components that you need during pregnancy.

Avoid During Pregnancy

  • When the baby in you is slowly growing you need to change your wardrobe and style of dressing to accommodate the baby bump. Tight and fitting clothes are not advisable due to the pressure they exert on your tummy.


  • Morning sickness is always associated with the initial stages of pregnancy so its goo to keep a piece of ginger on standby to help curb the feeling. The good thing is you can ginger with you wherever you go and take some immediately you start feeling nauseated.

  • Can leave a weird taste in your mouth so taking water to stay hydrated may be difficult at times, instead, you can opt to take more milk to increase your calcium level or mix the juice concentration with clear water to reduce the intake of sugar.

With these three hacks of how to carry your pregnancy, you can look forward to becoming a mother with peace of mind and fewer complications and teenagers can look beautiful this summer by trying these tips.

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