Most Frequent cancers

Most Frequent cancer according to the American Cancer Society

An analysis of the American Cancer Society made a ranging of “Most frequent cancer” looking for the most frequent cancers in the population. The Cancer is the multiplication of abnormal cells who disseminate without control, surpassing normal cells, creating tumors affecting many of the internal organs, unlike normal cells who grow and die in a set period of time, these cancerous cells multiply and live almost for an indefinitely amount of time and they don’t always generate tumors like in Leukemia (blood cancer) also named neoplasias.

A survey done by the American Cancer Society reveals alarming health data, more than 40000 cases of cancers are considered frequent or frequent.

Pancreas Cancer

Within of most common cancer is the Pancreas almost imperceptible and kills silently, with the 4th highest mortality rate in the world, and the number keeps growing, because it is really hard to detect, like any other neoplasias. Grows in the pancreatic node, frequently affecting (in the 92% of the cases) the exocrine nodes, creating tumors in the process.

This silent disease shows no signs of pain and is one of the most frequent types of cancer in the world.


  • Abdominal pain
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Blood coagulation in the legs
  • Digestive disorders
  • Depression
  • Frailty

Colon Cancer


Also, another disease of most common cancer is located in the stomach cavity causing the eating disorder. Part of the digestive system starts in the large intestine (colon) and ends in the anal rectum (final part of the colon).

Shows some symptomatic signs in the abdomen, the change in the fecal matter consistency can be used to detect this type of cancer, by looking at any blood signs in the stools.

Important:  All asymptomatic cancers are the most frequent and lead to the death of millions of people precisely because they do not show symptoms.

Colon polyps are the group of cells who are formed in the internal tissue of the intestinal canal, forming a mucosa (adenocarcinomas) in the form of broccoli Not all polyps are cancerous but some doctors recommend removing them completely with an electro-metallic wire, just to be sure.

Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is a cellular mutation which starts multiplying below the bladder. It’s a slow-growing type of cancer, most commonly found in Afro-American men over 50 and in men over 70.


It is a carcinoma of the prostatic adenocarcinomas group (ADC), encompassing the external secretion node, covers the 95% prostate cancer.


Most Frequent cancers


Also known as “blood cancer” is the deformation of the hematopoietic stem cells thanks to the absence of white cells in the bone marrow, forming leukemia.

Bone Marrow Leukemia

The damage begins inside the bone marrow, this is where the stem cells, red globules, and platelets are formed, also known as the “blood factory”, located inside the marrow, in form of fat.

Leukemia and derivatives

  • Acute info blastic leukemia (AIL). the kid’s disease, it creates excessive numbers of lymphocytes without reaching maturity, swelling of the bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic tissues.
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) an overproduction of granulocytes, creating an excessive amount of white globules and it stops the creating of blood cells inside the bone marrow.
  • Chronic  Lymphocyte Leukemia. The bone marrow produces an excessive number of lymphocytes B, the ones in charge of defending the body against acute infections.
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (LMA). Quite common in grown men and women, the most frequent of Leukemias with a 45%. The unmeasured growth of myeloblasts.

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