Breast Cancer a Worrisome Disease

Let’s talk about Breast Cancer

In the disease universe, there is something for everyone. And one of the most devastating diseases is the breast cancer, with a high mortality rate and cases in the world. Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of a type of cell, named cancerous cell. These can cause the apparition of tumors inside many organs in the body. These tumors, in the long run, could release more of these cells to the body. This is called metastasis, the cause of the grand majority of the deaths.

There is a lot of type of cancers, usually named by the organ in which they grow. Like lung cancer, pancreas cancer, liver cancer or stomach cancer. Cancer can grow at any age and doesn’t distinguish between men and women, or even race.

It’s the same for all of us, and if it isn’t treated in time the effects can be devastating, even death can occur.

There are some types of cancer exclusive to each gender. This type of cancer attacks one gender or the other. For example, testicular cancer can only grow in men, same for the prostate cancer, ovary and uterus cancer can only grow in women. Not a long time ago, there was a type of cancer that everyone thought it only grew inside women. We are talking about breast cancer. It creates a huge tumor in women of all ages. But for men, this could be a worrisome disease too, because even if they don’t possess big breasts, they can also get the disease.

Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment

Breast Cancer


Like with any disease, the detection and treatment of time could improve your chances of living. And this is vital for any kind of cancer. But in the case of breast cancer, the process of detecting it is quite simple, because it can be done with your hand. We all have seen the public “touch you” ads. This is an invitation to combat breast cancer. Something so simple as just touching your breasts while taking a bath could be the difference between a successful cancer treatment and one that could end in death.

We don’t have this advantage in other types of cancer, their detection could be more complicated and in some cases, quite embarrassing. Like with leukemia which requires extensive, expensive and painful lab tests. Or prostate cancer, a type of cancer all men fear, not for the disease itself, but for the method of detection.

Then, by having this advantage, we need to learn what symptoms to find to avoid any future problems and start an early treatment. The first thing to do is, find any lumps on the breasts. These can feel like small golf balls. Doesn’t matter the size, if you find one, go to the doctor immediately, he/she should send you to a specialist for a checkup.

This specialized doctor will take care in identifying if this lump is just a benign cyst, easily trainable or a growing tumor. Like we said before, the main characteristic of this cancer is the formation of tumors or lumps in the zone where they are located. After this, they could expand to other zones in the body, after this process starts, it’s quite difficult to stop. Meaning, as soon as you detect a small lump, go to a doctor immediately to start treatment. The sooner, the better.

Another symptom would be an itching sensation inside the breasts. We are not trying to say, that if you feel itchy is reason enough to go to the doctor. But in the weird cases the itch doesn’t stop after scratching or taking a bath, then it would be a good idea to go to the doctor and get an evaluation.

Breast Cancer signs

Swelling and skin reddening are common signs of breast cancer. This should be taken seriously. Nipple secretion and inverted nipples could be signs too. The inflammation of the lymph nodes could also be a sign of a presence of a type of cancer in the body, should go to the doctor for a check-up.

Through the years, there have been many campaigns to raise breast cancer awareness. Considering it is a very common cancer, claiming several lives through the tears, usually many of them women. It’s a commonly commented disease in media, they want to raise awareness, about the symptoms and effects. But the most important thing to do is to teach how easy it is to detect it, and how important it is to treat it on time.

October is the world’s breast cancer awareness month. A month full of mediatic coverage to raise awareness for the prevention and detection of this dangerous disease. A month to educate people, each and every one of them, especially women.

That the difference between life and death could be a simple message about the detection. More than a campaign to eradicate this type of cancer, because, let’s be honest, this is not a cure. This is a campaign to up the number of people who successfully beat cancer and how they can live a normal life after treatments.

Is not as common, but this type of cancer can affect men too. So it’s important to raise awareness among men too. Eradicate this male preconception that this is a female disease.

It is quite important to raise awareness about the aftermath too, what happens if I survived this type of cancer but it wasn’t detected in time? Even the cancer treatments have evolved over the years. Usually, the use of radiation is required to kill this cancerous cells. This will reduce the tumor size and probably make it disappear. In cases where the tumor was too big to make it disappear, then an extirpation operation is required. In the breast cancer cases, the full removal of the breast could be required.

Breasts are Extirpated

In some cases, both breasts are extirpated and this one of women’s worst fears, and it completely understandable. Because, for women, the breasts are a sign of their femininity. Their mother’s breastfed them once and on their own, they fed their own children too.

This is only considering only the aesthetic and reproductive side. Nowadays, breasts are considered very sensual, and this is vital for many women’s image. That’s why there are campaigns focused on this side of the treatment, how they can live a normal life after an operation, with their family’s and friend’s support. Letting them know, that this isn’t the end of the road. On the contrary, living with a tumor could really spell the end of their road.

Remember, the difference between a treated patient and one without salvation is, the time it took to start the treatment. In cancer’s case this is vital, and if the possibility to start this battle is in your hands, then take the first step!.

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