Bone Marrow Transplant

Usually done with a potent radioactive chemotherapy, followed by a full bone marrow replacement, removing the damaged one and replacing it with a healthy one, this is done to treat tumors and Leukemia (blood cancer).

Based on two forms

Bone Marrow Transplant

An Allogeneic donor can be a compatible brother “but” it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she has to be part of the family, it can be any donor with a similar genetic composition, it needs to be compatible. The success rates improve if the donor is your real brother because they share the same stem cells.

The autologous transplant is the autotransplant using the same preserved marrow replacing the damaged one. The process consists of the extraction of the stem cells from the blood, to later being frozen and processed with Chemotherapy, once this process is done, it needs to be thawed and transmitted to the blood via intravenous. This blood adaptation process and cell production start 24 hours later after this procedure.


The umbilical cord blood is also saving lives according to studies, it is an important source of progenitor cells for people who need stem cells from donors,  blood extension, and bone marrow.

But it is quite difficult finding bone marrow donors, because for a transplant its required a donor with a similar genetic composition, and also, to find a solution for this shortage, is required that people start donating without any gains.

These cases are normally used to combat leukemia. The last medical advancements helped in the extraction of stem cells, now it can be extracted from blood too and not only from bone marrow.

In the cases when a compatible donor can’t be found the umbilical cord blood will be used instead. This is used for the treatment of several diseases.

There was is some hope in 2017 for people with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), and its name is CART Therapy. It’s a technique which consists in modifying the T Lymphocytes to combat tumor cells, improving the chances of recuperation.

The CLL usually progress very silently and slowly, and even if there are several ways to treat it, it doesn’t have a 100% success rate, the grand majority of people never get better, and they just lose hope and stop fighting.

Before donating bone marrow

It doesn’t require an operation for extraction, it’s just like any normal blood extraction, painless and without any risks, considering it’s going to be done by a professional. Everything is done with sterilized equipment.

  • It’s a way to help people.
  • The best donors for this are blood brothers (you real brothers and sisters).
  • It’s a delicate process, so is required to be very careful after the operation is done, at least for the first year, after that, you will require periodic checkups, to get updates about the progress of the disease.

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