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If you are looking for an excellent service at a great price, Americord is the best choice. It is an umbilical cord blood bank with reasonable pricing options, and our advanced processing methods are able to collect twice as many cells as other cord blood banks.

Take into account that cells from the blood, tissues, and the placenta will be only used for your baby, to benefit you and your family, thanks to your shared genetic code. Once collected, the precious cells can be used in case of emergency.

Americord uses a virtual calculator to offer the best prices, you can create your own price plan, adapting it to your needs.

Cord Blood 2.0

This blood bank features technology designed by Dr. Robert Dracker, the Cord Blood 2.0. This updated and modern process collects twice as many cells as any other bank in the world.

The bank is led by a top New York Hematologist. The  3-in 1 collection kit, Cord Blood 2.0, approved by the FDA contains a sterile bag designed by experts.

This simple guide includes a compliation of a list of prices from many of the most popular banks in the world.

The comparison helps us consider the performance of the stem cells, because our process has been certified by the FDA and its quality is guaranteed.


  1. The fastest medical messaging system in the USA.
  2. The service is available 24/7 365 days of the year.
  3. The innovative Americord blood donation system 2.0 allows

conservation of twice as many stem cells.

  1. These cells can be stored at a low price.


Storing stem cells doesn’t mean they are going to be helpful for any situation. A doctor will determine their usage. Take into account that Americord’s activity logs are limited to the collection of umbilical cord tissues from an autologous donor. The possession of a New York license doesn’t mean that Americord will have the approbation or right to use these cells for any future process.

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Currently, Americord keeps their prices low compared to other banks. Take advantage and try this bank located in New York offering a “3-in-1 Collection Kit that is backed by clinical outcomes and rigorous testing”.



TOLL-FREE: (866) 389-3448

ADDRESS: 139 Fulton St. Suite 707- New York, NY 10038

EMAIL: [email protected]


Americord Cost

Cord Blood
Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,499 Cheaper than other banks

Cord Tissue Cost

Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,499 Cheaper than other banks

Placenta Tissue Cost

Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,999 ” Exclusive to Americord”

Pricing Overview

Is not a new concept but it has not yet gained as much attention as it deserves. During birth, the cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue can be extracted and stored for future health of the baby and mother. Cord blood stem cells are known for their capability to transform into an indefinite number of cells of the same type and even of certain other types.

This process helps in the treatment of various chronic diseases in adolescence and even adulthood such as cancer, genetic diseases, and blood disorders.

Americord is a stem cell storage bank that helps new parents to understand the concept and advantages of cord blood and tissue. The company has dedicated itself to the advancement of technology and uses its unique methodology to collect, process, and store stem cells. The cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue can be used to extract stem cells that can be stored securely for up to 20 years at a fraction of the cost compared to other existing banks. Americord is an FDA registered company and uses the most superior and high-quality AABB-accredited labs for all its research.

Our innovative technology enables us to store twice the amount of stem cells so that they can be used as and when required multiple times. The research scientists working with Americord use the highest standard of safety regulations to ensure our customers get complete protection at half the price. With the fastest and most hygienic courier service at your disposal, you can use our services 24/7. Our cord blood, tissue, and placenta tissue collection unit collects all the necessary material at the time of birth and stores it for a healthy future.

We have no yearly storage fees. You can hire us to keep your most important asset safe and then put it out of your mind. Our rigorous testing of any new research finding helps us stay ahead of the competition and makes us registry partner with Smart Cells International for Cord Blood Awareness Month.

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